Focus on credit and debit card payments processing to European based online businesses

Payoneer is an innovative cross-border payment platform. It is licensed in several jurisdictions, though it serves customers from all over the world without any geographic restrictions. It serves both individuals and businesses. Payoneer distinguishes from other payment systems as you can quickly open an account within a few hours and instantly use its payment tools. The payment system issues a debit card allowing you to withdraw funds from ATMs and pay all over the world.

Payoneer provides efficient tools for getting paid in various currencies, managing funds and making payments. This is an excellent payment system if you work with international clients and contractors due to its low cost fees and quick processing time. The website is translated in several languages and the support center is available at any time to resolve your questions.

Main advantages:

  • low payment and maintenance fees
  • mastercard issuance
  • possibility to integrate Payoneer in marketplaces for paying users via Payoneer
  • accepting payments in USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, AUD, CAD and CNY
  • possibility to withdraw funds to local bank and/or ATMs worldwide
  • free payments between Payoneer customers
  • latest security protocols and technologies
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