Registration Process Registration Process

See if your chosen company name is available.

Important notes

Name of your company
Please, note, that the government companies’ registrar may reject the application by number of reasons, for example, if the chosen name is too similar to the already registered one. In that case you may provide another name (or names) and we will submit it again.

Legal Structure of your company
Your company will be registered as a company with liability limited by shares, the corporate ending by default will be LTD. In case you want to choose another ending, please, send us the message. The company will be registered with model (standard) ByLaws. If you want tailor-made ByLaws, please contact us.

Shareholders and Directors
Every company must have shareholders and directors. Directors and Shareholders must be 18 years of age or older. We assume that the ordering customer is the shareholder and sole director. You will be prompted to provide identifying documentation (copy of your Passport, Proof of Address) as well as source of the funds which you are about to invest into your company.