4 thoughts on “How to open a business account on Ebay to start selling?

  1. This article is quite informative. I am new on Ebay and I am planning to go big. Nevertheless, I do have a question. Is therefore any form of seller protection?

  2. This is resourceful. At least I now know that I can have a store on eBay and even set my own refund and return policy. In as much as I would want to always refund the customer, some goods cannot obviously be returned such as goods with high hygiene requirements.

    1. Dear Kevin, thank you for your comment. I would add that refund and return policy is highly important as you need to inform your buyers when you accept refunds/returns. Otherwise, you cannot claim that you do not accept returns.

  3. I was to open an eBay store and I find this information very handy. If it were not for the information gathered here I would have definitely used the traditional methods of payments that is using the bank. Thanks to this article I now know about online payment systems that have made life easier.

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