How will I manage my UK company if I live in another country?

manage my UK company if I live in another country

Company formation in a foreign jurisdiction brings a lot of questions. In particular, clients are uncertain on how they will manage their registered company if they reside in one country, while their company is incorporated in a foreign jurisdiction. Every company is required to pay annual maintenance fees, pay taxes, keep accounting, otherwise it can be penalized and dissolved. How to keep track on important filing dates? How to comply with legal requirements of another country?

In reality it is not that hard to maintain a UK company. It is true that a UK company should keep annual accounting and prepare annual reports; it should pay annual maintenance fees along with other requirements that depend on a particular situation.

In practice owners of UK companies find it quite simple to manage and delegate these issues. It is possible to learn and manage the company by yourself, or hire professionals that will save your time and money. is one of the companies that provides full support for successful company maintenance in the UK.

How will I manage accounting and bookkeeping in the UK?

UK companies are required to prepare and submit financial statements. They are also obliged to pay annual compulsory fees. They submit annual returns and pay taxes. Of course, these actions require expertise in taxes and accounting. For this reason, it is possible to use online accounting services that will keep track of your income and expenses, prepare all necessary documents and submit them to state authorities. In this case, you do not need to monitor important filing dates, as your agents will do it for you.

What is a virtual address in the UK?

The virtual address in the UK is the address you can use to receive mail and parcels. You can use this address to receive communication from your business partners and clients, though this is not an official address that can be used for company formation in the UK. All email forwarding is subject to additional fee.

What is a nominee director? Do I need to use nominal services?

Appointing a nominee director is only an option and is not a strict requirement in the UK. Nominee services, such as nominee director, shareholder and address, allow to keep such information in privacy as it will not be accessible by the general public. Offshore company formation can help you to keep such information in privacy while you manage your business. Many people wish to keep their home address in confidence and use another address for business purposes. This can ensure the security of you and your family. Additionally, you will not be disturbed by unwanted mails and parcels.

Shareholder(s) may decide to change its company’s director at any time. In the UK there are no restrictions as to the nationality or residency of directors.

Can I have a local telephone number for calls?

Yes, it is possible to rent a UK telephone number for clients’ and other calls. You will get a UK telephone number which will be redirected to your designated number. You can use the UK number on your business cards, website, official letterhead and other documents. can provide you with the UK telephone number and toll number.

Will I have any visa benefits if I have the UK company and I wish to travel to the UK for business?

Unfortunately, the UK does not provide any visa benefits for company owners. If you wish to travel to the UK for business purposes, then you will need to apply for a Standard Visitor visa. Though you can be an owner of the UK company, you cannot perform any paid work within the UK, as in this case you are required to obtain a work visa.

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