Top 10 payment gateways

payment gateways

While opening a traditional bank account can be a long-running and bureaucratic procedure, opening an account in an online payment gateway is an easy and simple task. There are numerous online payment systems that offer online banking services for e-commerce business. Payment gateway is an effective banking tool as it offers a single payment processing solution for performing online transactions. To ensure that your earnings and funds are safe, it is essential to choose a payment gateway that offer highly secure transactions and encrypt credit and debit card numbers.

Another thing to consider when choosing an appropriate payment solution is a transition fee that applies for making and accepting payments to make sure the fee is within your budget. In addition, some payment gateways do not accept certain credit cards or other virtual options which can be inconvenient for your clients. You have to make sure that the payment gateway works properly to allow accepting payments without any hassle.

Due to its high popularity the number of the payment gateways grows and you can easily find the one that best suits your business or personal needs. There are a few efficient and popular gateways that you may consider:

1. PayPal

The most popular gateway that is well-known as a secure and convenient tool for personal and business transactions. It accepts debit and credit cards. PayPal fees are one of the cheapest.

2. International Business Settlement (IBS)

This payment gateway focuses on payment to and from China as the platform allows to integrate with Chinese payment systems.

3. Skrill

Skrill is designed to make quick transfers through internet. It is integrated with various freelance, social media and other platforms (such as eBay, Skype, etc).

4. Vialet

Vialet is a next generation payment system with remote account opening and access for individuals and business.

5. Amazon Payment

This gateway is provided by Amazon offering online merchants with checkout options similar to Amazon website.

6. Payoneer

Payoneer is a cross-border payment platform with low maintenance and transaction fees. It is integrated with different marketplaces.

7. Payboutique

The main market focus of this gateway is Russia and other CIS countries. It is used by online platforms, shops and service providers to accept credit cards and alternative payments.

8. Paysera

Paysera is a modern and efficient payment system that is rather popular among international businesses, e-commerce and individuals. It provides cheap and secure transfer worldwide.

9. Areto Systems

Areto Systems focuses on credit and debit card payments processing to European based online businesses.

10. Stripe

This payment gateway is used by individuals and business to accept payments through internet.

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