Can I open a bank account in any jurisdiction?

Individuals and legal entities, regardless of their country of residence or incorporation, are free to open bank accounts in any jurisdiction. However, some countries have their own requirements and peculiarities that differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. For example, Estonia is one of the most popular jurisdiction for e-commerce business, but currently Estonian banks open corporate accounts only to companies whose founders are residents of Estonia. If a company is incorporated in Estonia but fails to open a bank account in a local bank, we suggest opening an account in another jurisdiction.

Some jurisdictions require the mandatory personal presence of directors or founders of a company at a bank when opening a corporate account. However, certain banks that have branches in several countries may be visited in any convenient office. You can find some banks that offer services of an on-site representative of the bank.

Because each bank in different jurisdictions may have its own requirements, it may take a long time before you find a suitable one. We recommend to seek advice on this matter as only professionals may effectively offer you banks that take into account your requirements and preferences.

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