I don’t know what jurisdiction to choose. What shall I do?

The choice of jurisdiction is the most important issue. Of all the diversity of countries and advantages of certain jurisdictions, it is difficult to choose a suitable country for doing business. Firstly, you should consider your goals for opening a company abroad. Secondly, you should consider three groups of countries that have certain advantages:

Offshore countries with zero taxes

Jurisdictions with low and moderate tax rates

Other jurisdictions

All these countries have significant differences between each other. For example, offshore countries with zero tax rates have low business reputation. Often, many countries expressly prohibit business with companies that are registered in classic offshore jurisdictions. Information about the owners of offshore company may be hidden, but banks still require disclosure of information up to the final beneficiary. For this reason, many consider more respectable jurisdictions. When considering between jurisdictions, it is necessary to consider many factors: requirements for company composition, tax rates, company maintenance costs, requirements of banks for opening a bank account, double taxation treaties, etc.

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